Goddess Ganga; Your navel chakra is adamant!

I am Ganga, I flow, I move and I also fly!
I am in you and I am outside you!
Connectedness means eternal love and in your navel chakra there is valuable materia not for your eyes but for mine.
My heart and eyes are the same, you don’t have to seek me, I am YOU.
The navel chakra is now being upgraded in your bodies and so is Gaias. The earth has its poles and your navel chakra is your own pole.
They interact together with the moon and the sun!
This upgrade will make you feel more complete, and filled with harmony!
Will you feel any symptoms?
No! It is a slow and positive change!
Together we will create a very beautiful rainbow and you are a dear child of Gaia and I love you very much!

Wednesday 28 February 2018
© Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith

Venus; I am Amira and I say You are blessed!

Hello dear earthlings, I am Amira and I am calling you from Venus.
We are in constant contact with you as always. We are there, more than you ever know. Venus is the Mother of Earth, and so you are our children! Everything that you go through we have also experienced. Though we did it a very long time ago. As Gaia your Mother, is evolving into more light you do just the same. The more you evolve the more contact we will have! We will grow deeper and more loving bonds with many of you.
Many of you are actually already waiting for us! Some of you will be the new teachers, of the new era. Our collaboration will be most important and bear many fruits that earth has been waiting for. These fruits, have the seeds that later will grow, and spread out so all will have access to the new teachings.

The DNA that is now constantly repairing itself and letting the light in, make you feel that this might be interesting. The DNA itself has your own library. You already have the knowledge, that you as a soul was born with. Now it is the time for the knowledge to slowly awaken. So many things will feel familiar to you, and you would like to know more about them. The DNA strand within you is also connected with the DNA strand in your light body. Your light body is your higher self. Your higher self has the ability to go into your dimension and go back to higher dimensions and are constantly flexing in between. So you two are one and the same and yet not entirely.
You make your own decisions always.

This is how it is; to awaken is a job. A constant job, where you seek to develop into higher knowledge, to access your own library. To be able to do this, you need to work with yourself. Yes it is actually a job. A soul job. It is a path of the heart. Why we use this channeler is why she is in constant contact with Faith and her teachings. We choose this channel on Gaia, because her teachings are the ones that we think can aid you.
(Wow Amira thank you!)

Everyone and everything will evolve anyway, of course even without the job, and yet it is like being given a rough diamond, and this diamond looks like an ordinary rock, and it has no shimmer in different colors. You are given the diamond, you all are given a diamond,  but it is up to you how much you want it to shimmer. You have to do the job yourself. It is a diamond regardless! The knowledge, the library within you, is a gift to yourself, that you can choose to work with or not.

All knowledge that your soul has is something that you have learned by doing.
You always come to Earth for soul teachings and your souls source is love.
We will keep in touch with you, and we love you very much!


Monday 19 February 2018
© Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith