White Eagle

Who am I?
I am very old,
I am a very old soul.
I can feel you,
I hover over you!
I am a part of the air, land, water and fire.
I once lived on Earth.
To learn about life.
I have lived many lives on earth,
so I have learned a lot.
I plant seeds, of knowledge, to
all those that want to learn.
If you want to learn,
just let me know!
And I will teach you!
Always in
peace and love!

/White Eagle

White Eagle!

The tribe of all colors are here!
It is within your heart!
There are no separation.
We all have to, eat, drink, sleep.
We all need the
That is what is of importance now.
Not how we look.
Not how we walk.
Not how we live.
We are ONE family
that want peace and love
to unite and embrace
our new path
the path that will
make Earth,
our Mother,
a beautiful place to live!

A channeling with White Eagle.