Vesuvio Italy!

Vesuvio has a temper,
and soon
Vesuvio will have something to say.
We can say this is natural
but yet it will give damages
to life on Earth.
Earth will heal
as time is love!
Yet to be aware is essential!
God bless you!

(Pleiadians and archangel Michael)

                                                  Picture borrowed from google!

Sacred Places of Goddess

Sacred Places of Goddess
The Rose
Mary Magdalenes Goddess place 
in Sweden Jamtland!

                                                                (Borrowed from Google)

There is a special place where I live
an essential place on Mother Earth
~ it is one of her breasts~
a place for love and nurture
a natural place to grow 
a Goddess showed me, and her name is Alfhild
and I am so blessed
it is so beautiful
just as Mother Earth is…!
I call this special place
the Rose, Mary Magdalenes Place!
It is connected to
different places on our planet!
Sacred is Mother Earth

The Pleiadian counsil! Tomahawk speaks!

Hallo dear friends!
We say
we believe in you!
And who are we?
We are a group of life and love investors!
We represent the Pleiades!
We are your ancestors and we wish for you to
se us as your friends!
Have faith in yourselves!
We have already walked in your footsteps…!
My name is Tomahawk and I am a member of the Eagle society!
The Eagle family, have a special task in the universe!
We serve the great protector of peace and freedom as
guardians to preserve just that; peace and balance!
So dear friends
we say
once again
we believe in you!

                                                       (Borrowed from Google!)

Archangel Faith; Why doubt is ok!

Yes doubt is ok!
The true path to faith
comes through, valuing
and actually weighing
pros and cons
in your hand
and you are blindfolded
you must trust your heart always.
There are times when you will
wonder through a landscape of doubt.
That is unavoidable.
Just remember,
God knows about your struggle.
Faith and God walks beside you
and loves you just as much when
you walk in the landscape of doubt…!
The essence is that your faith will be even stronger
when you come back from your walk…!
Look upon time as love.
Look upon time as your best friend!

Sanat Kumara; Love is a natural force!

Who am I?
I am Sanat Kumara
and I am very old.
I am a ray of the sun
just as you are!
If you look upon time
as your best friend
a very dear friend 
that you love. 
You might come to the
insight that
time is not a problem.
This beautiful planet
has developed through 
very much time!
And that is LOVE!
You can’t do C
if you haven’t done
A and B first!
So you might think that
I am silly now?!
It is this simple!
So it is OK that you
take your time!
You don´t need to hurry
love is a natural force!


Yes this is the first book I wrote.
A channeling with God.
It is a book about Gods love for all women and Mother Earth.
The book is not yet translated to english.
The title is though;


God loves women equal to men.
Women was first on earth, later, men came, as a complement,
both equally important,
yet today it is very important that all 

Half of the material was taken away from the Bible
it should actually be twice as big…!

Why was material taken away that is about
The female aspect of life
Mother Earth
Ancestors in the Universe

The bra…a giver of breastcancer?

To my sisters! I just have to say, today I wore a bra with steel in, to make my breast seem bigger/higher (and I must say I was relived to take it off, it was not very comfortable.)

and it reminded me about the day an archangel came and gave me the words about
women, BRA and breast cancer.

It is all about the energy flow. You already know you have very important chakras!
The bra sits in the same location as the lungs, heart, diaframa and more.

And when carrying a bra that obviously tightens around your body, your chest area
– the necessary flow of good energy just can’t flow as good when waring a bra…!

So what do you think and feel about this, dear sister?!

                                                         (Borrowed from Google)

Jesus Christ; A declaration of love!

A declaration of love.. a love message that is brought out in to the light
for all to see
no hesitation.
It needs to be there now.
It is all within you…
…yes, you already know!
Deep in your heart
there is a special song
a hymn of love
a soft loving caring clarifying 
a gospel of LOVE
you don’t have to go anywhere
…if you don’t want to!
When you feel it, you are it
yes you are the gospel of love
just have faith in 
You are always 
blessed with 
Jesus Christ