HOROSCOPE NEWS; THE Saturn Influence

It all is a chain reaction.
As it has always been!
And yet now –
there is a special process!
Why is it special?
Well, right now extra light
are coming through this universe
and the effect is a little special.
What happens with the influence from Saturn?!
When extra light comes through Saturn
it means that the energy from Saturn
gets stronger and also more clear.

And how is the effect on Earth?

For you on Earth this means;
you might feel that you;

* see things from another, different angel, than what you are used to.
* you might feel and think, when you recognize this angel, ”is this me thinking this?!”
* it is like suddenly noticing old habits and feeling, why am I doing this?!
* it is like waking up, to a new reality, and not really knowing what to do at this moment

So, I would like to say;


Treat yourself as a newborn child! Very loving, very gently!
You actually SEE for the first time in your life.
Be very kind to yourself at this moment!
Your DNA is being healed at this moment, due to the stronger LIGHT.
This process goes through everyone, all living, on Earth!
Take good care of yourself
try not to expose yourself to unnecessary stress.


                                                        (Borrowed this picture from Google)

Archangel Michael; Old for new!

Yes old for new!
And how do I mean!?
Well I would like to say
that some old are
and therefore
this old I speak of
is also new
because it is
meaningful knowledge
So what about the
It is simply
from the very creation
and even earlier!
It is like this;
Love IS
Light IS
there is no beginning
and no end
do you follow me?!
I hope you do dear beloved
All you need to do is
to have F A  I  T  H

All love to you//
Archangel Michael