What about Sunday?

There is 7 days in a week
each day have a special meaning
of course 
that is common knowledge.
To remember what is important
for example
the SUN
a day of light and warmth
for your soul and your life
as you are indeed a flower in Gods garden.
So if the sun is something to bear in mind and heart
it is easy to slip in to astrology is it not?
YES you might say to yourself.
So, maybe astrology really matters
extremely much to the very life on this planet?
Not forgetting.
That this planet is a PART of something very big.
And it means if you look even more upon it, that 
you are not ALONE…
as all is energy.
Hallo, you don’t need a ceremony.
All you need to is to remember
and not forgetting
it all have a meaning
 a good meaning…!

                                                              (Picture borrowed from Google)


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